Fire and Police Memorial

Name Date of Death Service
Bentley L. Thomas 08/19/17 Tampa Police
Walter E. Jones 08/08/17 Tampa Fire Rescue
Glennwood Kibler 05/16/17 Tampa Police
Alvin Vanzant 05/16/17 Tampa Police
E. Thomas Collins 05/07/17 Tampa Police
Jack D. Thompson, III 05/07/17 Tampa Police
George A. Rodriguez 05/05/17 Tampa Police
Joseph D. Taylor 05/05/17 Tampa Fire Rescue
James D. White 05/03/17 Tampa Fire Rescue
Darvin Beckett 04/27/17 Tampa Police
Gary K. Hanes 04/22/17 Tampa Police
John M. Kasza 04/12/17 Tampa Fire Rescue
Carlin McAlister, Jr. 04/10/17 Tampa Fire Rescue
Stanley W. Coscia 04/01/17 Tampa Fire Rescue
William Floyd 03/16/17 Tampa Police
Jeffrey L. Wilks 03/10/17 Tampa Police
James F. Johnson 02/27/17 Tampa Fire Rescue
Richard B. Nelson 01/23/17 Tampa Police
Don Gray 01/17/17 Tampa Police
Stephen Lambert 01/16/17 Tampa Police
James Correll 12/31/16 Tampa Police
Michael J. Whicker 12/04/16 Tampa Police
Robert A. Hobart 11/13/16 Tampa Fire Rescue
Manuel J. Solar 10/31/16 Tampa Fire Rescue
James Massaro 10/27/16 Tampa Fire Rescue