Fire and Police Memorial

NameDate of Death Service
Robert A. HobartNovember 13, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
Manuel J. SolarOctober 31, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
James MassaroOctober 27, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
Pauline S. PhillipsOctober 6, 2016Surviving Spouse of James B. Phillips of Tampa Police Department
Marvin T. GriffinOctober 2, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
Peter J. PuleoSeptember 13, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
James W. SigmonSeptember 12, 2016Tampa Police Department
James L. RogersSeptember 10, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
James C. ScottAugust 28, 2016Tampa Police Department 
Fred T. ArnoldAugust 27, 2016Tampa Police Department
Jennie C. SanchezAugust 21, 2016Surviving Spouse of Julio Sanchez, Jr. of Tampa Police Department 
William L. TaylorAugust 11, 2016Tampa Police Department
Michele M. PerezAugust 11, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
Katherine A. TrotterAugust 10, 2016Surviving Spouse of Richard Trotter of Tampa Fire Rescue
Frank L. SwopeAugust 10, 2016Tampa Police Department
Evelyn R. KaplanJune 12, 2016Surviving Spouse of William Kaplan of Tampa Police Department
Thomas C. WilsonMay 31, 2016Tampa Police Department
Vivian L. ThompsonMay 24, 2016Surviving Spouse of William C. Thompson of Tampa Fire Rescue
Jose A. FelicianoMay 22, 2016Tampa Police Department
Edward R. MartinezMay 13, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
Carmen DePaulaMay 9, 2016Surviving Spouse of Jerome J. DePaula of Tampa Police Department
Howard GimbelMay 7, 2016Tampa Police Department
William C. FairbanksApril 21, 2016Tampa Police Department
John M. YaratchApril 21, 2016Tampa Police Department
Lois McDonaldApril 15, 2016Surviving Spouse of James H. McDonald of Tampa Fire Rescue
Eric E. MarlanApril 11, 2016Tampa Police Department
Michael D. JohnsonApril 4, 2016Tampa Police Department
Ludie M. McDugaldMarch 29, 2016Surviving Spouse of Donald J. McDugald of Tampa Police Department
Paul P. KunkelMarch 23, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
Jerry W. WeissMarch 11, 2016Tampa Police Department
Joseph P. TrainorMarch 6, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
Lorraine M. FriedleyFebruary 29, 2016Surviving Spouse of George Friedley of Tampa Police Department
John E. TonkinsonFebruary 23, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
Michael R. CaryFebruary 17, 2016Tampa Police Department
Edward H. PlourdeFebruary 11, 2016Tampa Police Department
Jake Irving FarrellFebruary 4, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
Robert L. MooreFebruary 3, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
Edward G. BarbanellJanuary 14, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
William P. BeblerJanuary 9, 2016Tampa Police Department
Larry LopezJanuary 6, 2016Tampa Fire Rescue
Robert F. WhittDecember 30, 2015Tampa Police Department
Paul R. MadsenNovember 21, 2015Tampa Police Department
Dora M. DiazNovember 11, 2015Surviving Spouse of Henry Diaz of Tampa Fire Rescue
Carolyn Alfonso-FreemanOctober 29, 2015Surviving Spouse of Mike Alfonso of Tampa Police Department
John F. BranniganOctober 27, 2015Tampa Police Department
Scott A. GarciaOctober 20, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Luisa HuertaOctober 16, 2015Surviving Spouse of Jesus M. Huerta of Tampa Police Department
Winston A. WilliamsOctober 13, 2015Tampa Police Department
Dolvin W. ToddSeptember 28, 2015Tampa Police Department
Robert R. HastySeptember 26, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
James T. YoungbloodSeptember 1, 2015Tampa Police Department
Rita LassiterAugust 21, 2015Surviving Spouse of James Lassiter of Tampa Police Department
Roy A. Sharpless, Jr.August 20, 2015Tampa Police Department
Ronald L. TownerAugust 7, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue 
Claude JacksonJuly 24, 2015Tampa Police Department
Harley M. ElliotJuly 16, 2015Tampa Fire Department
H. Claire ClevelandJuly 12, 2015Surviving Spouse of Charles Cleveland of Tampa Police Department
Robert Sinclair, Sr.July 11, 2015Tampa Police Department
Gloria A. SpidelJuly 9, 2015Surviving Spouse of Richard Spidel of Tampa Fire Rescue
Robert BorchardJune 30, 2015Tampa Police Department
Francis B. Wells, Jr.June 27, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Larry DorseyJune 20, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
William F. MoyerJune 12, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Henrietta RodriguezJune 10, 2015Surviving Spouse of George Rodriguez of Tampa Police Department
William M. HyattJune 8, 2015Tampa Police Department
Louis F. NapoliMay 30, 2015Tampa Police Department
Shelby McIntyreMay 25, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Matthew BunchMay 5, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Donald ManningMay 1, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Charles R. KreminApril 12, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Robert A. BuggicaApril 9, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
James JarrielMarch 25, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Angelina LostraccoMarch 24, 2015Surviving Spouse of John Lostracco of Tampa Fire Rescue
Betty JerniganMarch 23, 2015Surviving Spouse of Joseph Jernigan of Tampa Fire Rescue
Howard T. SoutherMarch 17, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Louis C. SwannMarch 4, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Carleen BaileyFebruary 28, 2015Surviving Spouse of Benjamin Bailey of Tampa Fire Rescue
Julian E. BridgesFebruary 27, 2015Tampa Police Department
Lamarcus LarryFebruary 18, 2015Tampa Police Department
Ray Alcover February 8, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Renald CruzFebruary 2, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
James Diamond, Jr.January 31, 2015Tampa Police Department
James D. TaylorJanuary 29, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Dennis PembertonJanuary 28, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
James HoyleJanuary 27, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Kimberly ClarkJanuary 24, 2015Tampa Police Department
Frank HillJanuary 22, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
James AldermanJanuary 22, 2015Tampa Fire Rescue
Georgina McCoyJanuary 17, 2015Surviving Spouse of Hugh McCoy of Tampa Fire Rescue
Cloyice BarneyDecember 27, 2014Surviving Spouse of Harold Barney of Tampa Police Department
Brenda FernandezDecember 23, 2014Surviving Spouse of Ralph Fernandez of Tampa Fire Rescue
James EdenfieldDecember 15, 2014Tampa Police Department
Robert TrautmanDecember 13, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Edward SeabrookNovember 28, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Fuessel BradfordNovember 24, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Nelson GugginoNovember 9, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Albert MatusNovember 7, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Richard OlewinskiNovember 3, 2014Tampa Police Department
Alfred Ratliff, Sr.October 19, 2014Tampa Police Department
Derrell BrownOctober 19, 2014Tampa Police Department
Carol ButlerOctober 12, 2014Surviving Spouse of Wallace Butler of Tampa Police Department
Lawrence LynchOctober 3, 2014Tampa Police Department
Gloria UrsoSeptember 29, 2014Surviving Spouse of Frank Urso of Tampa Fire Rescue
Ruth LindquistSeptember 19, 2014Surviving Spouse of William Lindquist of Tampa Fire Rescue
Hattie YoungloveSeptember 8, 2014Surviving Spouse of Lloyd Younglove of Tampa Police Department
Fred GennilleSeptember 1, 2014Tampa Police Department
Wayne Peterson  August 29, 2014Tampa Police Department
E.J. StithAugust 25, 2014Tampa Police Department
Betty FyfeJuly 18, 2014Surviving Spouse of Billy Fyfe of Tampa Fire Rescue
Anthony RomanoJune 5, 2014Tampa Police Department
Ruth RiveiroAugust 10, 2014Surviving Spouse of Raul Riveiro, Sr. of Tampa Police Department
Winifred WirtAugust 3, 2014Surviving Spouse of Warren Wirt of Tampa Fire Rescue
Earl D. MintzerJuly 15, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Donald GearyJuly 5, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Peggy HarrisJuly 1, 2014Surviving Spouse of Robert Harris of Tampa Police Department
Marietta FoyJune 28, 2014Surviving Spouse of Michael Foy of Tampa Fire Rescue
Ernesto HedgesJune 9, 2014Tampa Police Department
Carmen BaccarellaMay 23, 2014Surviving Spouse of Joseph Baccarella of Tampa Fire Rescue
Stephen WilliamsMay 15, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Evely HlmesMay 13, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Joseph N. Harrell, Sr.March 18, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Frederick R. TrippFebruary 17, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Jewel W. LawtonFebruary 13, 2014Tampa Police Department
Charles W. Andrews, Jr.February 10, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Floyd M. HowardJanuary 22, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Randolph E. GriffinJanuary 10, 2014Tampa Fire Rescue
Linda StantonJanuary 5, 2014Surviving Spouse of James Stanton of Tampa Police Department
Raymond S. ChrzanowskiDecember 31, 2013Tampa Police Department
Jonathan D. BelkDecember 19, 2013Tampa Police Department
Rachel E. PerezNovember 15, 2013Surviving Spouse of Antonio Perez of Tampa Fire Rescue
Gail KrikavaNovember 13, 2013Surviving Spouse of William Krikava of Tampa Police Department
Leander M. AdemaNovember 2, 2013Tampa Fire Rescue
Gary L. PohlOctober 12, 2013Tampa Police Department
Norman H. BrownOctober 9, 2013Tampa Police Department
Frances GilesSeptember 9, 2013Surviving Spouse of James Giles of Tampa Fire Rescue
Paula BevanAugust 24, 2013Surviving Spouse of Russell Bevan of Tampa Police Department
Donald McDugaldAugust 19, 2013Tampa Police Department
Doshie M. WladykaAugust 4, 2013Surviving Spouse of Theodore Wladyka of Tampa Fire Rescue
Clint K. NewmanJuly 19, 2013Tampa Fire Rescue
Timothy P. GramsJuly 16, 2013Tampa Police Department
Arthur LlerandiJuly 13, 2013Tampa Fire Rescue
William A. TrowellJuly 8, 2013Tampa Police Department
Richard A. RobinsonJuly 2, 2013Tampa Police Department
Raymond T. Yager, Sr.June 27, 2013Tampa Fire Rescue
Elbert I. Jaudon, Jr.June 1, 2013Tampa Fire Rescue
Arlie W. Johns, Jr.May 30, 2013Tampa Fire Rescue
Beatrice WittMay 14, 2013Surviving Spouse of Leo Witt of Tampa Police Department
Paul E. Faulkner, Jr.May 12, 2013Tampa Police Department
Fred E. PatnodeMay 9, 2013Tampa Police Department
Thomas M. DuncanMay 2, 2013Tampa Police Department
Howard E. HollowayApril 22, 2013Tampa Police Department
John FairbanksApril 13, 2013Tampa Police Department
Myrna LefsteadMarch 20, 2013Surviving Spouse of Philip Lefstead of Tampa Fire Rescue
Joyce RodgersMarch 18, 2013Surviving Spouse of Carroll Rodgers of Tampa Fire Rescue
Joseph JerniganMarch 12, 2013Tampa Fire Rescue
Robert SparkmanMarch 7, 2013Tampa Fire Rescue
Robert NicholsonMarch 1, 2013Tampa Police Department
Jake IngramFebruary 27, 2013Tampa Fire Rescue
John R. JohnsonFebruary 15, 2013Tampa Police Department
Daniel RioFebruary 12, 2013Tampa Fire Rescue
Jean E. BryanJanuary 16, 2013Surviving Spouse of James Bryan of Tampa Police Department
C. Virginia BeasleyJanuary 14, 2013Surviving Spouse of Harold Beasley of Tampa Fire Rescue
Stephen M. SmithJanuary 14, 2013Tampa Police Department