Fire and Police Memorial

In Memory of Harold J. Bowen, Jr.

Gary E. Harmon10/14/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Benjamin B. Risinger, Jr.10/10/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Lewis E. Bevell10/02/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Roma Lee Coleman09/24/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Harold W. Thomasson09/20/20Tampa Fire Rescue
James N. Favata, Sr.09/11/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Edward R. Batson09/08/20Tampa Police
William C. Hill08/18/20Tampa Police
William G. Monts De Oca08/14/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Larry R. Lee08/09/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Rafael Del Castillo07/23/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Lawrence F. Richardson07/14/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Joseph M. Fernandez07/10/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Dwight D. Waters07/01/20Tampa Police
Lowell W. Bennett05/12/20Tampa Police
George F. Duque04/26/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Jesus A. Corrales04/14/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Dennis D. Kolpin04/13/20Tampa Police
Arthur Barfield04/13/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Eugene P. Mickel04/10/20Tampa Police
Shelly E. Plymale04/08/20Tampa Police
Fernan E. Alfaro04/03/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Donald J. Hawald02/18/20Tampa Fire Rescue
David A. Lamont02/15/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Louie B. Johnson02/03/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Charles F. Edwards01/16/20Tampa Police
Joe A. Diaz, Jr.01/16/20Tampa Police
John W. Hinton01/12/20Tampa Police
Dwight E. Crumpton01/11/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Bobby E. Hallmark01/08/20Tampa Fire Rescue
Henry A. Huerta12/27/19Tampa Police
Gustine Butler12/24/19Tampa Fire Rescue
John A. Hocker12/23/19Tampa Police
John N. Parker12/14/19Tampa Fire Rescue
Harry E. Scott10/29/19Tampa Police
Cathy L. Clarke10/23/19Tampa Police
Edward E. Wilkinson10/18/19Tampa Police
Kenneth G. King10/12/19Tampa Fire Rescue
Ronald L. Mullins10/01/19Tampa Fire Rescue
Cullen J. Waters09/30/19Tampa Police
Joseph M. Fornino, Jr.09/28/19Tampa Fire Rescue
Charles D. Dabbs09/27/19Tampa Police
John H. Turner08/28/19Tampa Police
David Q. Weaver-Rogers08/26/19Tampa Police
Louis E. Studenberg08/26/19Tampa Police
Tommie M. White, Jr.08/21/19Tampa Fire Rescue
Deborah J. Dunn07/23/19Tampa Police
Harold L. Pepper06/09/19Tampa Fire Rescue
Benny D. McCubbins05/07/19Tampa Fire Rescue
John W. Roberts04/13/19Tampa Fire Rescue
David E. Stead04/07/19Tampa Police
Donald C. McKean03/29/19Tampa Fire Rescue
Jeffrey T. Mauser03/27/19Tampa Fire Rescue
John D. Branch03/17/19Tampa Fire Rescue
Edward G. Lainio03/16/19Tampa Police
Robert R. Rodriguez03/04/19Tampa Fire Rescue
Robert W. Bettinger01/22/19Tampa Fire Rescue
Stanley R. Diokas01/19/19Tampa Police
Joseph G. Rossiter12/29/18Tampa Fire Rescue
Russell L. Napier, Jr.12/12/18Tampa Police
Richard L. Joy12/01/18Tampa Police
Charles S. Campbell11/17/18Tampa Fire Rescue
Rick T. Duran10/19/18Tampa Police
William G. Sandretzky10/15/18Tampa Police
Patrick S. Coakley10/01/18Tampa Police
Tony Lemus09/21/18Tampa Police
Emilio Salabarria09/16/18Tampa Fire Rescue
Ronald J. Kolcun08/28/18Tampa Fire Rescue
Edward C. Spencer08/17/18Tampa Fire Rescue
Clarence N. Ginn, Jr.07/04/18Tampa Police
Lowell D. Killian05/25/18Tampa Fire Rescue
Ronnie J. Tillman05/23/18Tampa Fire Rescue
Diane L. Hinck04/29/18Tampa Fire Rescue
Raymond A. Gavilan04/15/18Tampa Fire Rescue
Walter D. Wadsworth04/13/18Tampa Fire Rescue
David L. Lamphere04/12/18Tampa Fire Rescue
Charles J. Beazell04/06/18Tampa Fire Rescue
Winfield S. Whitehurst03/15/18Tampa Police
Joseph A. Mirabella03/06/18Tampa Police
Richard L. Dittman03/04/18Tampa Fire Rescue
Arthur M. Earnest03/02/18Tampa Fire Rescue
William E. Broedlow01/07/18Tampa Fire Rescue
George Cortez01/01/18Tampa Fire Rescue