Patti Dempsey, Public Education Coordinator

Patti Dempsey

"Patti" has an education background, and she loves to work with people, telling them about fire safety. Since 2001 she has served the City of Tampa, coordinating safety educational events for large orsmall groups of people of all ages.

Her laughter and enthusiasm for the work of public education keep her busy as she serves the Department and the community.  

Patti is a teacher by profession with a B.S. in education from Southern Illinois University. She earned her M.S. in education in 1994 at the University of South Florida and claims to have been a teacher "forever."

Although she is a native of Southern Illinois, after having been a resident of the Tampa Bay area for 20 years and having raised her family here, she considers Tampa Bay "home."

 Patti distributed Trolls

Patti distributed Troll dolls in the "Stop - Drop & Troll"  event at Raymond James Stadium