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HCD Mission

To maintain the City's existing housing stock while providing new home ownership opportunities for City of Tampa citizens.

The Housing and Community Development Division of the Department of Growth Management and Development Services supports the City of Tampa's Mission and Vision by administering a variety of housing programs to assist eligible low and moderate-income residents purchase, rent or rehabilitate existing housing units located in the City. The housing programs currently managed by this division include programs funded by the State Housing Initiatives Program (SHIP), the Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME), and the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), which offer loans and/or grants to prospective homebuyers, homeowners or developers for the purchase, rehabilitation or construction of new affordable housing units.

The Housing and Community Development Division provides a variety of services to individuals, families and developers looking to rehabilitate, buy or develop affordable housing within the City of Tampa.

HCD is funded with federal and state entitlement (grant) dollars and follows the HUD and State guidelines and regulations to provide assistance to low income persons and their families.

For more information on specific programs or housing opportunities that HCD provides, please go to HCD Residential Services.