Foreclosure Scams

Foreclosure ScamsThere are many different types of companies offering assistance, learn more about whom you should consider and whom you should avoid.

Avoid Foreclosure Prevention Companies

HUD approved housing counselors and your lender will be able to provide this service for FREE if you contact them. You should not have to pay any fees for foreclosure prevention. Many for-profit companies will contact you promising to negotiate with your lender. While these may be legitimate businesses, they will charge you a hefty fee (often two or three month's of mortgage payments) for information and services. This money would be much better spent making your mortgage payments.

Don't lose your house to foreclosure recovery scams.

Never sign a legal document without reading and understanding all the terms and getting professional advice from an attorney, a trusted real estate professional or a HUD approved housing counselor. Some firms claim that they can stop your foreclosure immediately if you sign a document appointing them to act on your behalf. This is not always the case and, you may be signing over the title to your property and becoming a renter in your own home.