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GE Retirement Fund Distributes 2018 Annual Member Statements to City of Tampa General Employees:  During the week of April 9th, general employees will receive envelopes from the General Employees' Retirement Fund.   These envelopes contain Your 2018 Annual Member Statement and are being distributed to the departments by the Fund's staff with support from Human Resources.  This is the 3rd year the GE Retirement Fund has created annual member statements for active members, helping employees to monitor and better understand their benefits.  Annual member statements contain individual member data with key information on vesting status, retirement eligibility dates and projections of income in retirement.  Members in the DROP will not receive statements as they are already retired and are not accruing additional benefits.

2018 Marital Status Audit - Division A Surviving Spouses:  The General Employees' Retirement Fund is conducting its annual marital status audit of surviving spouses of former Division A employees/retirees.  Letters and affidavits are being mailed during the week of March 5, 2018.   Notarized affidavits need to be returned by the deadline on April 2, 2018.  If you have remarried and have not notified the General Employees' Retirement Fund, please contact us immediately so that you pension can be adjusted.  Failure to report a remarriage will result in an overpayment of benefits, which you will be required to repay.

General Employees' Retirement Fund Receives 2017 PPCC Award:  The Public Pension Coordinating Council (PPCC) on October 14, 2017, awarded the General Employees' Retirement Fund its second Public Pension Standards Award for Funding and Admininstration.  The award represents the General Employees' Retirement Fund has met the professional standards for plan funding and administration as set forth in the PPCC's public pension standards and reflect minimum expectations for public retirement system management and administration; as well as serve as a benchmark by which all defined benefit public plans should be measured.  The Public Pension Coordinating Council is a coalition of the National Association of State Retirement Administrators (NASRA); the National Council on Teacher Retirement (NCTR); and the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS).  Together, these associations represent more than 500 of the largest pension plans in the U.S.

Monthly Board of Trustees Meetings: The next meeting will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 in the Board Meeting Room of the Fire & Police Pension Fund located at 3001 N. Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33603. 

Is Your Address Correct? Just download, print and complete the Contact Information Update Form to update your information and mail it to the General Employees' Retirement Fund at 306 E. Jackson Street, 7E, Tampa, FL 33602, or fax it to us at (813) 274-7289.

Direct Deposit: We encourage you to use direct deposit.  Just download, print and complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form then mail it to the General Employees' Retirement Fund at 306 E. Jackson Street, 7E, Tampa, FL 33602, or fax it to us at (813) 274-7289.

If you are considering entering the DROP or retiring, please make an appointment with Anais Rodriguez, Pension Relationship Accountant or by contacting the General Employees' Retirement Fund.

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