Fast-Track Review for Green Construction

Consumes less energy

Operates energy efficiently

Conserves water

Protects natural resources on site

Minimizes waste

Is comfortable, safe and healthy

Is durable and maintainable with minimal environmental impact

Why Build Green?

Florida's per-household consumption of electricity is amongst the highest in the United States, largely because the state's hot and humid weather drives up electricity demand for air-conditioning.

Environmental Benefits
Enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems

Improve air and water quality

Reduce waste streams

Conserve and restore natural resources

Economic Benefits
Reduce operating costs

Create, expand and shape markets for green products and services

Improve occupant productivity

Optimize life-cycle economic performance

Social Benefits
Enhance occupant comfort and health

Heighten aesthetic qualities

Minimize strain on local infrastructure

Improve overall quality of life

Fast-Track Review for Green Construction

Tampa Green Fast Track Review is available to anyone wishing to build an environmentally sustainable or "green" project. Once approved, your plans are moved to the "front of the line" for review at the Construction Services Center.

There are two options for Tampa Green Fast Track Review:

Option A is available for any project, but required for commercial projects over 5,000 square feet. All commercial construction greater than 5,000 square feet must be registered with a third party rating system.

Option B, Tampa's Green Fast Track Checklist, is available for all residential projects and commercial projects under 5,000 square feet.

Please review the Tampa Green Fast Track Review form for directions on how to pursue either option.

If you have any questions contact us via the customer service center or by phone at (813) 274-8403