Architectural Review Commission

Historic Preservation is extremely important to our community.  Our architectural history reveals much about Tampa's growth and the events that shaped our city.  Historic structures also reveal our past in a way that is easy to understand.  One can easily see the differences between historic and modern homes, for example, and can see that the way lives are led directs the way the homes are built.  Tampa has a rich architectural history for all of us to study and enjoy.

Design guidelines for historic districts do a number of important things.  They are foremost a communication tool between the Architectural Review Commission (ARC) and the public describing the context of the neighborhood in terms of its history and its architectural styles.  Further, they describe in some detail the building elements that are important to each architectural style in the district and suggest a variety of solutions for rehabilitation and new construction that might best preserve the neighborhood's character.  Finally, the guidelines are used along with The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation by the ARC when reviewing construction activities.

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