Holiday Safety

The holidays are a time when criminals will try to prey on the giving nature of community members.  Here's some tips to help you stay safe:

Door-to-Door Solicitors

  • Never open your door to a stranger!  Communicate with him/her through a two-way audio doorbell or device, or just simply speak through a closed door.
  • Avoid donating cash.  Write a check to the charity (not the person in front of you) or donate through the organization's website.
  • Call police before you post on social media!  Report suspicious activity in your neighborhood to the Tampa Police Department at 813-231-6130.
  • Be wary of security sales representatives or anyone who suddenly shows up at your door claiming they need to repair, upgrade or service equipment inside your home.
  • Consider posting a "No Solicitors" sign to discourage door-to-door sales and solicitations.
  • Buyer beware!  If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Be cautious of paying for items or services in advance.

Protect Your Packages

  • Track package(s) online.
  • Require a signature.
  • Monitor your front porch with a security camera.
  • Arrange a delivery time when someone is at home.
  • Pick up your package(s) from your local post office or from a friend/neighbor.

General Safety

  • Lock car doors and keep valuables out of plain view.
  • Park in well-lit areas when shopping after dark.
  • Break down boxes and place them inside of your trash can to avoid letting criminals know what may  be inside your home.
  • Never carry large amounts of cash when you're out shopping.  Try to use credit/debit cards instead.