Housing and Community Development

We Have Moved!

Our new office location is 4900 W. Lemon St.,  Tampa, FL 33609

Our new office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Alert Tampa

If you would like to receive alerts from Housing and Community Development to receive information about contractors, funding opportunities, housing counseling, human rights, or owner occupied rehab; please visit Alert Tampa to sign up.

  • After signing up for Alert Tampa in "My Alert Subscriptions" click on edit.
  • Click on "Housing and Community Development".
  • Click on "Housing Programs" to view the 5 housing programs.
  • Select which alerts you want to receive from Contractors, Funding Opportunities, Housing Counseling, Human Rights and Owner Occupied Rehab.

Contractors - If you are a contractor interested in bidding on single or multi-family rehab projects, or single or multi-family new construction projects, you can sign-up to receive Alerts about opportunities, program changes, training opportunities and more. 

Funding Opportunities - If you are a non-profit agency interested in applying for a grant for a program, service, project and/or technical assistance, you can sign-up to receive Alerts about grant opportunities through the City of Tampa’s Housing and Community Development Division and technical assistance workshops.  

Housing Counseling - If you are interested in pre-purchase, foreclosure or financial counseling assistance, you can sign-up to receive Alerts about programs to assist homeowners with obtaining or maintaining a mortgage. 

Human Rights - If you are interested in Fair Housing, Equal Employment and/or Public Accommodations, you can sign-up to receive Alerts about services and activities of the Human Rights section of HCD.

Owner Occupied Rehab - If you are a homeowner seeking assistance to make repairs to your home, you can sign-up to receive Alerts about when the City’s Owner Occupied Rehab program opens.