Property Disposition - Available Vacant Lots

The City of Tampa’s Housing and Community Development Division (HCD) is responsible for the administration of federal funds through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and state funds through the State’s Housing Initiative Program.  The Housing and Community Development Division has occasion to acquire and dispose of real estate.  The Housing and Community Development Division maintains a list of properties available for single family home development as well as properties suitable for multi-family housing.  For additional available properties, please refer to the City of Tampa Planning & Development Department - Real Estate Division.

Map of properties

City of Tampa - Property Disposition Policy and Procedure

List of Available Properties

Folio Number Property address Zoning Width Depth
156517 3214 E EMMA ST RS-50 25 96
156877 4625 N 35TH ST RS-50 38 95
156889 4612 N 35TH ST RS-50 33 95
167701 503 E LAKE AVE RM-24 44 86
187138 1812 E 21ST AVE RS-50 50 59
188044 2209 E 24TH AVE RM-16 63 98
143738 1101 E. 113 TH  RS-50 0 0
157180 1901 E PALIFOX ST. RS-50 46 116