Housing FAQ

Mortgage and Down Payment Assistance

(en español)

Is it possible to become a first time homebuyer in Tampa, even though I've owned a home in another state?

Yes, you may be qualified as a first time homebuyer, if you have not owned a home for three years and, you intend to reside in the Tampa home as your permanent, primary residence.

Can you help me if my credit history (rating) is not good?

If an approved lender will agree to lend you at least 50% of the funds for the first mortgage and, if there are no federal, state or local liens, the City will assist an income-qualified household to purchase an eligible property.

Is there an application fee?

No. Processing your application for assistance is free.

Do mobile homes or townhomes qualify for the First Time Home Buyer Program?

A townhouse is eligible for assistance;  however, a mobile home does not qualify because it is not a permanent structure.

Does a manufactured home qualify for assistance?

Yes, if it meets permit standards for the City of Tampa. To see if a manufactured home qualifies, contact the City of Tampa's  Construction Services Center by visiting their office located at 1400 N. Boulevard, Tampa, Florida 33607, calling them at (813) 274-3100 Fax (813) 259-1799 or via the Customer Service Center.

May I build or do I have to purchase a home already built?

If you have a construction-permanent mortgage commitment, we will consider the application. If the application is approved, City funds will be available at closing of the permanent loan after construction is complete.

When may I take the  "First Time Home Buyer" classes?  Are the classes available in Spanish?

You may enroll in classes by contacting one of the approved counseling agencies (see Approved Counseling Agency List).  Classes are available in Spanish.

There are HUD homes listed on the HUD web page, may I use Down Payment Assistance (DPA) assistance from the City to purchase one of those homes?

HUD homes may be purchased with down payment and closing cost assistance from the City of Tampa if the property is located in the City of Tampa  limits. 

What is the maximum sales price on the home I can purchase if I intend on using Down Payment Assistance through the City?

A.  $150,000.