Sulphur Springs


In January 2013, the City tore down more than 50 vacant properties that were condemned and deemed uninhabitable. Since then, Mayor Bob Buckhorn has focused on revitalizing Sulphur Springs. He assigned three Neighborhood Enhancement officers full-time to the neighborhood to keep the area free of blight. In the last year, they have picked up 150 tons of trash and accumulations. The City, working with TECO is installing more than 400 new street lights in the neighborhood and has trimmed back the trees to help the lights to shine. Finally, the Tampa Police Department has been working diligently with the neighborhood to reduce crime with increased patrols. These efforts have resulted in the lowest crime rate in the area in 5 years, and a 20% reduction in crime over the last year.

In January 2014, Mayor Buckhorn announced that the City of Tampa will invest $1.4 million in Neighborhood Stabilization funds to build new single family residential homes in Sulphur Springs as part of his ongoing effort to revitalize the area. 12 initial, city-owned parcels will be built over the next 120-160 days. Those particular parcels were chosen to be rebuilt first because of their proximity to each other, the Sulphur Springs Elementary School, and Springhill Community Center.

The funding from each sale will be returned to the Sulphur Springs neighborhood, and the City of Tampa will begin building another single family residence on another vacant lot with the end goal to build more than 25 new homes.

The goal is for the City's initial investment to stimulate continued private investment in the neighborhood. Each home will be built to Energy Star Standard and as such will also have lower utility bills.

For more information please see the documents below and/or contact Stuart Campbell at or call (813) 274-8228.