Owner Occupied Rehab

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Special Needs Owner Occupied Rehab Program

Does your home need repairs on any of the following or something similar?

  • Leaking or failed roof system
  • Failing or lacking plumbing
  • Poor or hazardous electrical systems
  • Failed structural systems such as walls and floors
  • Lack of working heat/AC
  • Exterior deterioration
  • Window replacement
  • Water heater replacement
  • Lead based paint remediation or other environmental issues
  • Handicapped accessibility improvements

Do I have to pay these funds back?

The funds from the City of Tampa will be a Deferred Payment Loan (DPL). The term of this DPL is determined by the amount of funds expended:

  • Less than $15,000 = 5 years
  • $15,000 – $40,000 = 10 years
  • Over $40,000 = 15 years

Must be owner occupied for the term of the loan to be forgiven.

You are eligible if:

  • You meet the definition of Special Needs
  • (developmentally disabled, receive SSI, SSDI, Survivor of Domestic Violence, Youth Aging out of Foster Care or person with a disabling condition)
  • You meet income requirements
  • Are a resident of the City of Tampa
  • You have clear title to your home
  • Your mortgage payment is current
  • Your property taxes are current
  • You have resided in your home for five years
  • Must have homeowners Insurance
  • Has not received assistance from the City of Tampa’s Rehab Program in the last ten years

Maximum Household Income Levels Are:Equal Housing Opportunity logo and SHIP - housing a stronger Florida logo

1 Person - $22,400
2 Persons - $25,600
3 Persons - $28,800
4 Persons - $31,950
5 Persons - $34,550
6 Persons - $37,100

Special Needs Rehab

SHIP funding is being made available to non-profit housing partners in the City of Tampa that provide owner occupied rehabilitation assistance to serve persons with special needs as defined in section 420.0004, Florida Statutes. These special needs funds must be to serve persons with developmental disabilities as defined in section 393.063, Florida Statutes, with an emphasis on home modifications, including technological enhancements and devices, which will allow homeowners to remain independent in their own homes and maintain their homeownership.

The City will make available $500,000 In SHIP funding. Applications for the Owner Occupied Rehabilitation program will be accepted February 11 - April 18, 2019. Applications will be available online, at Housing and Community Development, 4900 W. Lemon Street, Tampa, FL 33609 and other community locations. For more information and the complete program guidelines/requirements please visit our website at www.tampagov.net/hcd or call (813) 274-7954.

Documents that you will need to have in order to apply

  • If Disabled and receiving Social Security Disability, statement must have a claim #.
  • If applicable, Verification of Disability Form, if disability code is not identified on Social Security statement.
  • Identification for applicant and co-applicant (driver license).
  • Proof of income from ALL sources for ALL household members for the last sixty (60) days (i.e. Paystubs, Social Security Income, Child Support, Alimony, etc.) (see attached for additional requirements).
  • If applicable, Self Employed year to date profit and loss statement
  • (see attached for additional requirements).
  • Last two year’s Tax returns all pages, with all schedules and W-2s/1099(s).
  • Most recent and consecutive last two months of actual bank statements (with bank name and account number) (ALL PAGES, even if blank) for all household members with accounts.
  • Current Mortgage Statement, if applicable.
  • If applicable, bankruptcy, judgment or lien release/satisfaction/discharge/dismissal.
  • Copy of current Homeowner’s Insurance policy declaration page.
  • If applicable, legal guardianship documents regarding any household member.
  • Property tax statement showing taxes are current.
  • Proof of ownership of at least five years.
  • Property value cannot exceed $226,000, as determined by the property appraiser’s office Assessed Value.

For more information and the complete program guidelines/requirements please visit our website at www.tampagov.net/hcd or call (813) 274-7954.