General Liability Claims

Please note that the City of Tampa is a self-insured public entity as defined under §768 F.S.

The following information is provided to assist you in obtaining the most expeditious reply to your claim.

If you feel you have a claim against the City of Tampa, it is mandatory that you complete a City of Tampa Statement of Claim form and include all relevant supporting documents ( such as receipts, canceled checks, two (2) estimates, billings, etc.) or additional evidence (e.g. photos, diagrams, etc.)  and mail, fax or deliver the fully completed and notarized claim form to:

City of Tampa
Risk Management/Claims
306 E. Jackson Street, #3E
Tampa, FL  33602
Fax:  813-274-5728

Or, you may scan and submit your claim electronically using the Electronic Claim Submission link at the bottom of this page.

The amount claimed is necessary for aid in proper evaluation of your claim and should be provided to the best of your knowledge based on information currently in your possession. In the event your form is received and is not notarized and/or fully completed, or supporting documents are not enclosed, your file will be recorded but remain inactive in our system until a fully completed form is received.

If you are claiming injury, it is also required that you include the following completed forms:

The City of Tampa has mandatory reporting requirements under the Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act.  If liability for health care expenses are accepted by the City, a claim cannot be paid without this information.


Upon receipt of a fully completed claim package, a claims representative will be assigned to your claim. You will be notified in writing when the claim has been opened and a claims representative has been assigned to investigate your claim.  A file number will be assigned to your claim.  It is possible that during the investigation you may be asked to provide additional information in support of your claim.  Your claim will be evaluated and may result in one of three outcomes in which the City of Tampa will:

  1. Pay a sum of money; or
  2. Tender or transfer the claim to a different responsible party or entity; or
  3. Deny a claim where there is no evidence of liability or if the City is immune from liability in accordance with §768.28 F.S. and/or legal precedence.

You may wish to put your personal insurance carrier on notice of a claim in the event your claim is denied by the City of Tampa.

As the claimant you have the following responsibilities:

  • Complete, sign, notarize and mail in a Statement of Claim form to the City of Tampa.
  • Mitigate your damages. This includes minimizing storage expenses & protecting your property from additional damage and exposure.  

Electronic Claim Submission

NOTE:  All documents submitted to the City of Tampa are subject to Florida Public Records Statute (Ch. 119, F.S.) after the claim is closed.