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During the last few weeks and days, the City of Tampa braced  itself for a potentially devastating and catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane IRMA.  Fortunately, the City was spared the potential enormous impact of the storm as it weakened into “just” a Category 2 Hurricane as it hit Tampa.   Nonetheless the impact has been substantial and it will take the City several weeks to restore all of its municipal services, and many residents will be working for months to return to normal.

During the event, an outpouring of spirit and generosity came into the City’s Emergency Operations Center, as people and companies wanted to help in some form or fashion.  Some wanted to contribute non-cash items and some wanted to contribute cash.  The ONE TAMPA portal has been created to give people and companies an opportunity to contribute funds to the City’s relief efforts.  These funds will be used for the City’s Emergency Operations and various relief efforts made for City residents and companies.  Contributions to local governments are tax deductible, though to maintain IRS deductibility, it must be acknowledged that no goods or services are specifically rendered related to this contribution.    

Thank you for your generous support of ONE TAMPA Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

Donations - Credit Cards

Donations - Checks:

  • Make checks out to:  City of Tampa
    In the reference line please write: "One Tampa"
  • Mail checks to:

City of Tampa -  Dept. of Revenue and Finance - Banking Division
306 E. Jackson Street 7E
Tampa, FL 33602

  • Please provide a return address and a certificate of donation will be sent to donors.

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