Logistics and Asset Management Divisions

Organization Chart

Facility Management Division

The Facility Management Division carries the responsibility for maintaining and repairing facilities and facility-related infrastructure systems for the City of Tampa in a cost-effective and professional manner.

The Facility Management Division processes 20,000+ annual work orders including preventive maintenance tasks and other various major upgrade projects. The divisions 76 positions operate with an authorized budget of $15.6 million within multiple city facilities comprised of more than 7.7 million square feet in 500+ buildings.

Fleet Maintenance Division

The Fleet Maintenance Division provides vehicle and equipment repair services, fueling,and fleet acquisition and disposal services for the City's 3000+ vehicles. A central motor pool is also provided for City employees working in the downtown buildings. The Division processes over 15,000 repair orders per year with an authorized budget of$15.0 million, and a staff of 55 positions operating at two facilities.

Parking Division

The Parking Division, with an annual budget of approximately $20 million, is responsible for the operation of all City of Tampa public parking. The Division develops parking policy and specific facility expansion plans to serve the parking demand in the central business district and adjacent commercial areas. The present parking inventory consists of 10 garages and 26 lots, comprising a total of 11,507 spaces. Additionally, the Division is responsible for on-street parking consisting of 2,468 spaces.