Economic Competitiveness Committee

Economic Competitiveness Committee

The 19 member group was tasked with reviewing the City of Tampa’s permitting and regulatory processes to look for ways to improve the system. Buckhorn chose members that are actual customers, including developers, engineers, attorneys, and a neighborhood representative, that have utilized the City’s services. This allows members to draw on their personal experiences in trying to find ways to make procedures more efficient. 

The goal in forming the committee is to create an even greater competitive edge for Tampa when vying for new business. Members will meet with the mayor and staff to provide feedback and input that can be implemented to help make processes more efficient. Additionally, easier processes with expedited plans, permits, and regulations will help attract economic activity and accelerate growth in Tampa. "Now more than ever we need to make sure that Tampa is known as a place that is open for business," said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. "This is the beginning, not the end of an ongoing process."

"We are going to look at the things that challenge growth and economic development and recommend changes that will directly result in job growth, but still maintain our quality of life in Tampa," said Mark House, Managing Partner of Beck, who was tapped as one of the members of committee.

Staff will highlight the progress made on major projects, such as the Consolidated Land Development Code and the new Accela Permitting System, along with discussing the rollout schedule for many more service enhancements that will benefit our clients and citizens. 


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