MAAAC Membership

 "Proudly Serving the Community 1981"

The City of Tampa Mayor's African American Advisory Council (MAAAC) was formed in 1981 to create a liaison between the Mayor's Office and the African American community whose members are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Tampa.

MAAAC recommends programs and activities which promote good relations among all citizens throughout the City, can consist of up to 25 members with no set terms and does not require City Council confirmation or oath of office. By-laws do not require City residency, however the Mayor had made it a preference to appoint only City residents who reside within Hillsborough County. 

When a vacancy occurs, the members of MAAAC may recommend names for consideration as replacements. The officers consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian.  The duties of the officers are those normally associated with such positions in accordance with generally accepted parliamentary procedures.

A member may be placed within inactive status upon accumulating a maximum of four (4) absences within a calendar year; in order to resume active membership, inactive members are eligible to reapply during a future election season, only if the maximum of 25 member capacity has not been met.

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Members meet monthly every second Thursday.  General Body meetings are held at the Children's Board of Hillsborough County, located at 1005 Palm Avenue (off Palm and Nebraska).  Special and Executive Board meetings are scheduled by the Chairperson, as needed. 

At present, there are four standing committees of the organization, and the duties are assigned pursuant to the Council's goals regarding:

If you would like to be considered for membership on MAAAC, please contact the City of Tampa Liaison for more information.


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