Message from Mayor Jane Castor

Dear employees,


I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication in battling this COVID-19 pandemic. We are in an unprecedented time with more questions than answers and there is little doubt that we have difficult days ahead. And while we might have a way to go, your endurance and perseverance is noted, valued and much appreciated. I am so grateful for the incredible level of service each of you provides our community. Your actions allow for the stellar provision of a myriad number of essential tasks that keep our city functioning and improve the quality of life for all our citizens.


As City employees, I know we are all grateful for being gainfully employed while others have their jobs and lifestyles at risk. When dealing with our citizens please understand the level of stress, uncertainty and pressure they may be under. Thank you all for quickly adjusting to the many changes we have endured, from work place changes to agilely dealing with the constant changes this virus brings.


Today we issued a “safer at home” order that takes effect tomorrow at 10 PM; however, it exempts City government functions so we can do our best to keep our great city moving while keeping you as safe as possible. Our city’s website has up to date information for you and the public so please access it frequently. In the meantime, keep those hands washed, practice social and workplace distancing, stay home if you are feeling sick, and as always -- stay calm and be nice.


Lastly, be sure to take care of yourself and your families, as you are our most valuable resource.


              Jane Castor Signature

Mayor Jane Castor