Fleet Maintenance Performance Charts

The City of Tampa Fleet Management is part of the Logistics and Asset Management Department along with the Facility Management and Parking divisions. The Fleet Management Division provides vehicle and equipment repair services, fueling, and fleet acquisition and disposal services for the City's 3,200 vehicles and pieces of equipment. A central motor pool is also provided for City employees working in the downtown buildings. The Division processes over 15,000 repair orders per year with an authorized budget of $18.0 million, and a staff of 54 positions operating at two facilities.  

Vehicle availability ensures City departments have the necessary resources (vehicles and equipment) available for daily critical COT services such as; garbage removal, fire protection, street paving, and law enforcement. Due to scheduled and unscheduled repairs, our goal is to have the overall fleet safe, serviceable and readily available 95% of the time.

In direct support of having vehicles available, Preventive Maintenance (PM) is the key to ensure vehicles and equipment remains safe and in good working condition throughout their lifecycle. The graph measures on-time interval service and inspections. Working with our user departments, we strive to have PMs turned in and completed on time.

Various factors can affect the availability rate with workload being a constant. Tracking the workload to availability rate allows the opportunity to identify other shortfalls, i.e., when the rate decreased during a light workload we identified a personnel shortage. This provided justification for the current hiring of additional personnel.