Planning and Development Performance Charts

Clients should have a reasonable expectation as to the time required by the City to complete the permit or entitlement review process. Processing times should be predictable and the timeliness of the process allows the client to plan their financing, construction, or development plans accordingly, which is critical to the success of the construction and development community.

Right of Way Permits

The number of right of way permits will vary each year depending upon the economy and development activities. Permits are issued to protect the traveling public, coordinate work activities within the right of way and to ensure restoration of City roadways and infrastructure.

Total Building Permits Issued

The total number of building permits issued is a good indicator of overall Departmental workload and consequently, how well the local construction and development economy is doing at any point in time. By monitoring these statistics, it can be determined whether the local economy is growing or shrinking and whether the construction and development sector is trending up or down over any specific period of time.