Big Four Crimes

The mission of the Tampa Police Department (TPD) is to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life through a cooperative partnership with all citizens.  TPD revamped its daily approach to crime fighting by: decentralizing the department into three police districts, increasing accountability, focusing on proactive community policing and addressing all crime with a sense of urgency.  Focusing on these four components resulted in an unprecedented decrease in crime over a 12-year period.

With crime at a record low, the men and women of TPD continue to work around the clock to ensure schools, streets, neighborhoods and the city as a whole are safe for all Tampa residents and visitors.  The department utilizes an array of technology, including social media to keep everyone in the city abreast of the department’s efforts to maintain a safe community.  The department’s use of social media plays an important role in building relationships with a broader audience, while encouraging citizens to get involved in the fight against crime.

The police department works to keep residents and visitors safe using an innovative crime reduction plan titled, “Focus on Four.” This progressive policing philosophy concentrates on four high volume pattern crimes that are gateways to violence: burglary, robbery, auto burglary and auto theft. Since its inception, auto thefts have dropped 92.6%--going from 6,720 in 2002 to 495 in 2014.

The "Focus on Four" plan evolves monthly, weekly and sometimes daily to stay ahead of crime trends and constantly build partnerships with the citizens in our city.