Equal Employment Opportunity And Affirmative Action Programs

Who must comply with the ordinance?
The ordinance applies to any contract that, over any time period, either: (1) exceeds $10,000 and the bidder, contractor or subcontractor has fifteen (15) or more employees; or (2) exceeds $50,000 regardless of the number of employees.

Who is not required to comply with the ordinance?
Any contractor, subcontractor, vendor, or organization that has fewer than fifteen (15) employees and their bid or proposal is $50,000 or less; emergency providers; sole source providers; and other governmental agencies and authorities. Additional exemptions may be allowed, as defined in the EEO/AA Rules and Regulations. Quarterly Wage & Earning Report or Payroll Roster must accompany your bid.

When must you comply?
At the time of submitting a bid or proposal, you must either: (1) be currently approved by the City as complying with the ordinance; or (2) submit documentation for the City's approval that shows an ability to comply with the ordinance.

(Submission of any of the following documentation, by itself, does not guarantee approval. The submission can be approved, only if the City of Tampa determines that it complies with the ordinance, Rules & Regulations, and Guidelines.)

A current written Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) for minorities and women.

Proof of current AAP approved by another government body or a federal court ordered affirmative action program. (Department of Transportation (DOT) certification are not accepted by the City of Tampa).

Documentation showing that the company's workforce reflects the demographic characteristics of the available pool of labor skills normally utilized by the company, based on the EEOC and OFCCP guidelines (workforce reflects labor pool demographics).

Documentation showing the company has fewer than fifteen (15) employees for bids or proposals of $50,000 or less.

Where can I get additional information or assistance?
The EEO/AA Specialist of the MBD Office is available to answer any questions you may have about EEO/AA compliance. Technical assistance in preparing compliance documentation is also available.

The Minority Business Development Office is located at 306 E. Jackson St. 7th Floor East, Tampa, Florida 33602,  We can also be reached by phone at (813) 274-5543 or fax (813) 274-5544.

There are two publications that are available to assist you: (They can be obtained for a nominal fee from the City of Tampa Mail Room located on the ground floor of City Hall Annex 306 E. Jackson St., Tampa, Florida 33602).

EEO/AA Rules & Regulations -This document spells-out the City's and your company's responsibilities, and includes a copy of the ordinance.

Guide to Building an Affirmative Action Plan - This document contains instructions, examples and blank forms that will help you to determine whether your company's workforce reflects local labor pool demographics, as well as how to prepare a written affirmative action plan.  To contract the Minority Business Development Office please call (813) 274-5522.(Note: This document has been color coded to assist your company match the various fields to each form for quick and easy use.)

Forms and Census Documents - This document has blank forms and instructions to get access to the 2000 U.S. Census data for your area.

EEO/AA Template - This document allows your company to "fill in the blanks and insert required documentation" for your complete Affirmative Action Plan.

EEO/AA Rules & Regulations Document (PDF, 178 kb)

Guide to Building an Affirmative Action Plan Document (PDF, 1688 kb)

Forms and Census Instructions (PDF, 2.1 Mb)

EEO/AA Template (Word, 83 kb)

EEO/AA Brochure (PDF, 271 kb)