Illegal Sign Removal

To provide an aesthetically pleasing city, free of illegal signs.  Illegal sign removal is performed while adhering to Code Regulations. 

The City of Tampa shall remove:

  • Signs placed on City's rights-of-way that have not been issued a permit, unless the sign is specifically exempted from permit procedures.

  • Holiday, seasonal or commemorative decorations placed on City rights-of-way.

  • Abandoned signs placed on the City's rights-of-way, which are not removed with the time prescribed.

  • Hazardous signs placed on the City's right-of-ways shall be immediately removed at the expense of the owner, agent, lessee or other person having beneficial use of the sign.

Workload includes but is not limited to:

  • Follow the 30-60 Day Maintenance Plan traversing major thoroughfares and residential corridors to remove and discard illegal signage.