2nd Suspect Charged in Baby Death

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Suspect: Tonya Myers, B/F, 02/10/1982, 7919 Lake Shore Drive #C, Tampa

Charges: Aggravated Child Neglect

Victim: Ronderique Anderson, B/M, 09/17/2009

Details: During the course of the investigation into Dwayne Poole’s role in his son’s death, detectives determined Poole’s girlfriend, Tonya Myers, knew of the abuse. While interviewing Myers regarding Ronderique’s swollen jaw and missing teeth, she admitted to knowing Poole had knocked out Ronderique’s teeth. She also acknowledged that Ronderique had suffered continued abuse. She failed to protect the baby from the beatings and obtain medical attention for his injuries. Tonya Myers was arrested today, 2/10/11, and transported to Orient Road Jail. She will be booked shortly.

Ronderique Anderson died as a result of the injuries on February 5th, 2011.

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Detectives Arrest Suspect in Child Abuse Case

WHEN: 2/1/2011, 10:45 p.m.

VICTIM: 16-month old, B/M

SUSPECT: Dwayne Poole, B/M, 09/01/87, 7919 North Lakeshore Drive #C, Tampa

CHARGES: Aggravated Child Abuse

DETAILS: The suspect threw the baby on the bed causing his head to hit the wall or dresser. The suspect also admitted to hitting the baby with an open hand and a belt which caused bruising on his buttocks and legs. This punishment was for playing near the electrical wall socket. Tampa Fire Rescue transported the baby to St. Joseph's Hospital. The victim sustained a skull fracture causing a brain bleed. According to doctors, the victim appears to be brain dead with a minimal chance of survival.