Another Successful Gasparilla Invasion and Parade is Wrapping Up with No Major Incidents


Results from this year's 2012 Gasparilla Pirate Invasion held in Downtown Tampa:

Open Container Citations: 302
Adult Misdemeanor Arrests: 23
Adult Felony Arrests: 2

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission's BUI Initiative
8 Boating Under the Influence
1 Obstruction of Justice w/o Violence
1 Possession of Marijuana
1 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Underage Drinking Arrests
Under the age of 18 years - 2
Under the age of 21 years (19-20yrs) - 25

Prior to the City of Tampa's education campaign in public and private schools the number of juveniles (18 years and under) arrested for underaged drinking averaged 80-90 each year.

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