Audit Report 10-09, Safety Program, Released

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.
The Internal Audit Department released their audit report of the Safety Program.

The Department of Human Resources (HR) is responsible for the operation of various safety programs throughout the City. Safety Training is primarily the responsibility of Risk Management, with enrollment, completion, and other data maintained by the Training Division1 of HR. Safety training is generally conducted by Risk Management and includes courses such as Defensive Driving and CPR/First Aid which is available to all departments. Other types of training may be department or job specific, such as Forklift Training.

The Employee Relations Division of HR is primarily responsible for Drug and Alcohol Testing. The Federal Department of Transportation prescribes random and reasonable suspicion testing requirements for persons holding Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL). Random testing for non CDL's is generally not permitted under City policy and union contracts. However, reasonable suspicion testing is specified.

Risk Management Division personnel conduct building and worksite safety inspections, such as excavation or street repairs. Inspectors make surprise visits and look at protective equipment, signage (detour), exposed electrical conductors, exit doors accessible, leaking oil, etc.