Audit Report 11-06, Solid Waste, Compactor and Roll-off Containers, Released

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.
The Internal Audit Department released their audit report of the Solid Waste, Compactor and Roll-off Containers.

The Compactor/Roll-Off and Container Maintenance Services of Solid Waste have an authorized staff of 17, including the Supervisor. There are 8 drivers servicing 235 containers. Daily, each driver usually hauls 8-9 containers from the business sites to the McKay Bay complex. The driver’s week is defined as 10 hours, 4 days per week.
The primary goal within the Compactor/Roll-Off area is to increase the number of roll-offs serviced. Since the rate structure for compactor/roll-off service has not been adjusted since 2006, the Department launched its own initiative to identify accounts where operating expenses exceed revenue generated. In order to achieve this goal, the area is currently:

• Identifying and evaluating the number of accounts being serviced that require more than one-hour hauling.
• Identifying accounts with low tonnage to reduce unnecessary expenses for roll-off customers and to increase education among the account managers regarding the weight capacity of the compactor.
• Identifying locations of all containers, including those serviced by private haulers to monitor and ensure the proper permits are filed by haulers.
• Evaluating the possibility of leasing equipment to replace worn containers in order to work within capital constraints.
• Increasing their green initiatives by working in collaboration with customers to identify cardboard loads to reclaim recyclable materials from the waste stream.
• Cross training their staff to accommodate area growth and development in the City by pursuing the concrete and demolition market as potential customers.