Audit Report 11-10, Accounts Receivable, Released

The Internal Audit Department released their audit report of the Accounts Receivable.

The City maintains a number of systems for tracking billed services and other transactions which require payment after the fact. Specialized software is used for two of the most active functions: Multi Service System (MSS) for utility billing and Parking Violation System for parking tickets. These have been the subject of previous audits. Other specialized applications track Refuse to Energy and Convention Center accounts.

The other primary system is the Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable System (MARS). MARS' primary function is to render a statement to customers. However, it cannot easily provide account history for specified periods, or produce an aged Accounts Receivable schedule. Major applications of MARS include: Police (Extra Duty and False Alarms), Fire Rescue (Inspections and False Alarms), and Parking (Corporate Parking Accounts). The Water, Wastewater, and Revenue and Finance's General Accounting divisions also use MARS to a lesser extent.
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