Audit Report 12-04, Clean City Division, released.

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.
The Internal Audit Department released their audit report of the Clean City Division.

The Clean City Division (CCD) was established on June 23, 2005, replacing the Neighborhood Environmental Action Team (NEAT). The Division has reported to several departments since inception. Currently, it is under the Neighborhood Services Department. In 2005, its mission was described as ". . . providing a comprehensive approach through education, enforcement, and maintenance to reduce litter, illegal dumping and create a cleaner city environment." Today, its mission is "to provide a comprehensive landscape and maintenance system to the interstate, gateways, parkways and medians in an effort to reduce litter, graffiti, and illegal dumping through education and enforcement, thus creating a city environment that is aesthetically pleasing."

CCD is divided into four sections: Citywide Support Services, North-East Districts, West-South Districts, and Citywide Contractual Services, each with its own supervisor. The first three sections consist of work crews that are assigned specific tasks, such as Neighborhood Tree Service, Herbicide Spray Program, Alleyways & Special Support, Illegal Dumping & Vacant Lots, and Graffiti Abatement. Contractual Services is responsible for monitoring vendor compliance with grounds maintenance service agreements. The Division is currently authorized for 48 positions, three of which are administrative positions. The Division supplements its work force via the Summer Youth Program and Community Service Workers.