Audit Report 13-11, Transportation Division, Released

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.
The Internal Audit Department released their audit report of the Transportation Division.

The Transportation Division is responsible for the City's transportation system which encompasses many functions. This audit reviewed the work performed by the Traffic Signal Design Section and the Bridge Maintenance Section.

The Traffic Signal Design Section is primarily responsible for ensuring that 530 traffic signals operate at set timing patterns to ensure the efficient flow of traffic in the City. Employees conduct traffic studies to determine the timing patterns that should be implemented. Subsequently, a system is used to program and control the traffic signals. In the event that the system malfunctions, each traffic signal has a backup system that operates independently of the main system. After the traffic signals have been programmed, employees conduct studies to ensure that traffic signals are operating according to set timings. The Transportation Division indicated that the current system used to operate traffic signals is outdated and is no longer supported by the manufacturer. As such, the system is prone to failures and cannot reliably control traffic signal timings. The Transportation Division indicated that it is in the process of obtaining a new system.