Audit Report 14-03, Business Tax Division, Released

The Internal Audit Department released their audit report of the Business Tax Division.

The City of Tampa’s Business Tax Division (BTD) is charged with assessing and collecting local business taxes for the privilege of entities to engage or manage any business activity within City limits. Taxes are levied annually under authority of Florida Statute Chapter 205 and City of Tampa Code Chapter 24. Appropriate amounts are charged according to business classification as provided by the ordinance. As of December 2013 there were 299 business classes.

To assess the appropriate taxes each year, first the division must correctly classify a business into one of the 299 categories. It does so by collecting relevant information from the business, verifying that information, classifying the business, and then levying the taxes. The division employs eight people to carry out these responsibilities, among them a supervisor, five business tax inspectors and two customer service representatives. Among others, their duties include business classifications, issuing receipts, performing inspections, and conducting field investigations.
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