Audit Report 14-08, Backup and Recovery Review, Released

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

The Internal Audit Department released their audit report of the Technology and Innovation, Backup and Recovery Review, Audit 14-08.

The City of Tampa (COT)’s most critical operations are based on electronic data generated, processed, and maintained in the various components of its computer networks. Service interruption due to operational data loss is one of the challenges the City faces on a daily basis. To mitigate the risk of service interruption, the City, through its Technology and Innovation (T&I) Department, has implemented a Data Backup and Recovery program. Data backup is a process of replicating and retaining copies of electronic data files, operating systems, and applications software that are used in daily operations. Data recovery or restore is a process of making backup copies available for use when the originals are inaccessible as might result from data corruption, system failure, or inadvertent deletions, etc. Data backup/restore is a critical component of the City’s larger Emergency Disaster Recovery Plan.

T&I performs electronic backup and restore operations spanning 100 physical servers, 261 virtual machines, as well as the mainframe system. The City maintains a primary data center and a secondary facility that runs other critical City operations. The two sites act as reciprocal backup centers: data generated at the primary site is backed up through the network and stored in servers at the secondary facility and vice versa. The primary site also runs operations on a mainframe system, which is backed up to tape.

An independent contractor performs tape vaulting operations on behalf of the City. The contractor transports mainframe tapes from the data center to a vault located offsite. Other contractor responsibilities include daily rotation and courier services for tapes, as well as tape delivery round-the-clock whenever required, including during weekends and holidays. In Fiscal Year 2013 the City spent $11,635 for these services.