Business Owners Are Asked to Be on the Lookout for Key Logger Devices on their Credit Card Machines and Computers

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.


For several years, skimmers have been discovered on credit card machines. Recently, detectives have seen a spike in key logging devices on the computers associated with vendor credit card machines. These logging devices look similar to a flash drive and many business owners don’t even notice that they have been breached. Criminals insert the device without the business owner knowing. The key logger captures all of the customer credit card information onto the device. The criminal returns and retrieves the device with all of the information. Business owners need to check their credit card machines and computers diligently. If business owners believe they have discovered a device or if anything looks unusual with their machines, they are asked not to touch the machines and call law enforcement immediately. They should also stop all credit and debit card transactions. Business owners should inspect their credit card machines and computers daily and educate their employees.
Unfortunately, the consumer has no way of detecting a key logging device until it is too late. Use cash whenever possible. Since debit cards are directly linked to your bank account, using a credit card provides