Chief Castor Holds Agency to Highest Possible Standards with New Quality Controls Quality Assurance program kicks off with vehicle and equipment inspections


WHAT: TPD’s new Professional Standards Bureau will ensure every officer is properly equipped by conducting vehicle and equipment inspections. Chief Castor’s police car will be the first one to go through the inspection process.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 9:00 a.m.

WHERE: Tampa Police Training Academy, 116 34th Street South, Tampa

DETAILS: Chief Jane Castor has created a Professional Standards Bureau that will conduct mini audits throughout the department. The goal is to ensure standards are consistent, efficient and safe. She has reorganized the command structure and assigned four lieutenants to the new bureau. They will conduct intensive reviews in four main areas:

Use of Force and Vehicle Pursuits
Complaints and Quality of Service
Policies, Procedures and Report Writing
Vehicles and Equipment

The bureau, that will encompass the Quality Assurance program and Internal Affairs, will create new online and roll call training for officers. The training will focus on the most dangerous aspects of policing to improve officer and citizen safety. The training will also help roll out any new procedures to help streamline officers’ duties. The new Quality Assurance will improve both officer safety and the caliber of service that TPD offers to its citizens every day.

Laura McElroy
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