Chief Jane Castor and her Executive Staff Promote One of TPD's Finest

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

Captain Lee Bercaw will oversee officers working in District Two.

Promotion Taks Effect February 12, 2012

During his 16 years as a Tampa Police Officer, Captain Lee Bercaw has become known for his innovative and proactive crime reduction initiatives. Many of those have been adopted department wide.

He served a total of six years in the department's Field Training Program as both an officer and a supervisor. Bercaw trains Bay Area law enforcement officers as field training instructors.

The newly promoted captain started with the department as a reserve officer for one year. He then served six years in patrol, worked as a detective in the Major Crimes Bureau investigating traffic fatalities, supervised a squad of plain-clothes officers and later a squad of detectives.

During his last three years as a lieutenant, Bercaw has worked closely with Ybor City and surrounding neighborhoods to foster strong partnerships with the police department. He is heavily involved with the department's preparations for the upcoming Republican National Convention.

40-year-old Lee Bercaw, will graduate in May from his alma mater, University of South Florida, with a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration. He is married with two children.

Laura McElroy