City of Tampa Announces 2016 Stormwater Service Assessment

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

Today, the City of Tampa announced the 2016 Stormwater Service Assessment Action Plan. This action plan has been created as a result of the increased fees that will be collected through the Stormwater Service Assessment. In an effort to offer a more proactive approach to stormwater maintenance, this plan includes maintenance services for ditches, ponds, and outfalls which will be supplemented by contracts to improve mowing services, vegetation removal and tree trimming, re-grading ditches, aquatic vegetation removal, aquatic spray treatments, barnacle removal, and fence repair. Maintenance services will also be improved by realigning in-house crews and using the most advanced equipment and techniques available by purchasing new equipment such as VacCon trucks, pipe inspection vehicles, portable pumps and an excavator for large ditch and canal cleaning.

Operating and maintenance activities will be improved through outsourcing services and by increasing in-house production with pump stations preventative maintenance, minor construction and restoration projects, engineering, planning and design services, and increasing street sweeping frequencies. Miscellaneous maintenance activities will also be improved to address nuisance street ponding, concrete curb replacement, and storm-cepter cleaning.

“Taking a proactive approach with stormwater will not only make our City stronger but improve the quality of our natural habitats we so cherish,” said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. “This new plan will serve to improve and maintain the city's existing critical stormwater infrastructure.”

Operations and Maintenance Activities

Current Service Levels

Improved Service Levels


10-Year Cycle

7-Year Cycle



3-Year Cycle


10-Year Cycle

7-Year Cycle


15-Year Cycle

5-Year Cycle


Low Preventative Maintenance

Annual Preventative Maintenance

Construction and Restoration



Street Sweeping

90-Day Cycle

60-Day Cycle


Backlog Increases

Backlog Decreases




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