City of Tampa named top 20 Tech Town by CompTIA

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City of Tampa ranked number 19 on CompTIA’s Tech Town index – Tampa did not rank in last year’s top 20 list.


“It’s no surprise to me Tampa ranks in the top 20 on this list,” said Mayor Jane Castor. “Tampa is a city on the move, a city full of visionaries, entrepreneurs, innovators, and some of the world’s most creative thought leaders. Our robust talent pipeline, low cost of living, diversity, and vibrant social scene makes Tampa a top city to attract and retain  some of the best and the brightest.”

Tampa was also recently named 2nd best city for young entrepreneurs according to Forbes.


Here’s what CompTIA has to say about Tampa.


19. Tampa, Florida

(Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL)

The Tampa Bay region, which includes Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, has long been considered a top vacation destination. But city leaders want more for this area and their efforts to transition the economy from one based on traditional construction, agriculture and tourism businesses to an economy built on technology are paying off. The investment opportunities in Tampa Bay are plentiful and the area is now home to more than 150 tech startups—just one factor leading to its debut at no. 19 on our list of tech towns.

In addition to the obvious perks of 75-degree days year-round and a daily dose of vitamin D, attractive tax structures and innovative research centers are just a few reasons why Tampa Bay has become so appealing. But perhaps the most important attraction is a clean slate—unchartered territory. With nearly 43,200 IT jobs posted last year and IT jobs estimated to grow by 6% in the next 5 years, Tampa Bay has the numbers to bolster this growth. In fact, Forbes recently named the area no. 2 on its list of “Top 10 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs.”

Companies like Citi, Verizon and WellCare are hiring in Tampa and local IT talent can expect to make a median salary of $79,553 a year. The cost of living is slightly higher than the national average—just 2.3% higher to be exact. When adjusted for cost of living, Tampa edges out Jacksonville in terms of getting more bang for your buck, and it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the state.


Here is the complete CompTIA Tech Town Index for 2019, with last year's ranking in parentheses.

1.  Austin, Texas (3)
2.  Raleigh, N.C. (2)
3.  San Jose, Calif. (4)
4.  Seattle, Wash. (7)
5.  San Francisco, Calif. (5)
6.  Charlotte, N.C. (1)
7.  Dallas, Texas (6)
8.  Atlanta, Ga. (9)
9.  Denver, Colo. (8)
10.  Huntsville, Ala. (10)
11.  Washington, D.C. (11)
12.  Columbus, Ohio (NR)
13.  Durham-Chapel Hill, N.C. (15)
14.  Boulder, Colo. (19)
15.  Boston, Mass. (17)
16.  Colorado Springs, Colo. (20)
17.  San Diego, Calif. (NR)
18.  Jacksonville, Fla. (NR)
19.  Tampa, Fla. (NR)
20.  Baltimore, Md. (16)


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