City of Tampa Partners with Local Navigators to Encourage Health Care Enrollment

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

City of Tampa Partners with Local Navigators to Encourage Health Care Enrollment

Tampa, Fla. (January 12, 2014) – Mayor Bob Buckhorn announced that the City of Tampa will host affordable care navigators throughout the City of Tampa as part of ongoing efforts to assist the Department of Health and Human Services in enrolling residents for affordable health care coverage.

"I believe that everyone in our community deserves the opportunity to be healthy because we all benefit when residents have access to the care they need. Improving access to care is a public health issue,” said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. “During this enrollment period, we will partner with local navigators to give residents the opportunity to learn more and make the health care choices that are right for themselves and their families.”

During the 2013- 2014 enrollment period, the City of Tampa undertook similar efforts to raise awareness and give residents a place to connect with navigators. During the 2014 - 2015 enrollment period, the City plans to do the same, reaching out strategically to those eligible to sign up.

Navigators Available at City Facilities

Navigators will be available every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. from Tuesday, January 13, 2015 through Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at the following Parks and Recreation facilities.

  • Loretta Ingraham Center, 1611 N Hubert Ave.
  • Hunt Center at Al Lopez Park, 4810 N. Himes Ave.
  • Cyrus Greene Center, 2101 E Dr. MLK Jr Blvd.
  • Forest Hills Center, 724 W 109th Ave.
  • Port Tampa Center, 4702 W McCoy St.

As February 15, 2015 – the deadline for open enrollment – approaches, dozens of navigators will concentrate efforts on one location, the Hunt Center at Al Lopez Park. Navigators will be available on both Saturday, February 7, 2015 and Saturday, February 14, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

No appointment is necessary, and residents do not need to have a Rec Card. The media are invited to attend any of the weekend enrollment events.

Working with City Contractors and Vendors

In addition, the City of Tampa plans to reach out to City contractors and vendors, particularly small businesses with 2-24 employees. By working with the Small Business Administration and local navigators, the City wants to make sure that both small businesses and their employees have access to information and resources they need to make health care choices.

Reaching out to the Hospitality Industry

The City of Tampa is also working with Hillsborough County Hotel Motel Association and area restaurants to connect with the hospitality industry, which may employ seasonal or part-time workers eligible for health care enrollment.

The City of Tampa and local navigators will host three enrollment sessions geared specifically for towards hospitality industry employees. Each session will be held on a Monday between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. at the Hunt Center at Al Lopez Park. The dates for the hospitality industry events are January 26, 2015, February 2, 2015, and February 9, 2015.

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