Crime Down in Tampa for the 9th Year in a Row


Crime Rate Drops 7.4% in 2011 - 1002 Fewer Crime Victims Last Year

Crime Down Over the 9-Year Period

Crime in Tampa has dropped under Mayor Bob Buckhorn and Chief Jane Castor’s leadership. In 2011, the city’s crime rate decreased 7.4% for a total of 64.3% since 2003.

The department accomplished this success through its Focus on Four Policing Plan which concentrates on
proactive policing driven by real-time crime analysis and partnerships with the community. This dynamic deployment evolves weekly, daily and sometimes hourly to stay ahead of crime trends and constantly grow our partnerships with our citizens. This targeted approach to policing became integrated into every aspect of the department. As a result, almost 22,759 fewer crimes occurred in Tampa over the past nine years.

Laura McElroy
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