Detectives Arrest Sexual Battery Suspect

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

Potentially Additional Victims

WHEN: 08/26/2015, 8 p.m.
WHERE: 1518 3rd Avenue East, Tampa
SUSPECT: John Christopher Knight, 04/07/1975, W/M, 1518 3rd Avenue East, Tampa CHARGES: Sexual Battery x2, additional charges pending
VICTIM 1: 16 year old, W/F

DETAILS: Three teenage victims traveled to Tampa from Lee County for an event on August 15th. The suspect approached the victims, befriended the girls and invited them back to his home. While at his home, the suspect provided the victims drinks and the victims could not remember what happened after consuming the drinks. One of the victims woke up and she was not clothed. Another victim vaguely remembered the suspect trying to remove her pants. They feared they had been abused. They traveled back to Lee County where one of the victims told her mother what happened. She was taken to the hospital where a sexual battery kit was completed. The blood test came back from the victim with benzodiazepine (date rape drug) in her system. The suspect was arrested at his home without incident and was charged with one count of sexual battery related to the August 15th crime. He was charged with an additional count of sexual battery for an incident that took place on July 26th of a 24 year old female who also has the drug in her system. Detectives are awaiting results from the other two teenage victims.

This suspect is a sexual offender who was released from prison in April. Detectives have reason to believe there may be additional victims. Anyone who has had contact with this suspect and believes they may be a victim is asked to call the Tampa Police Department.