Detectives Arrest Suspect in Murder for Hire Case


WHEN: 3/19/14, 3:30 p.m.

WHERE: 4810 North Himes Avenue, Tampa

SUSPECT: Anthony Rodriguez, 12/16/1972, W/M, 6016 Wilshire Drive, Tampa

CHARGES: Solicitation to commit murder, trafficking in controlled substance

DETAILS: On 3/18, the suspect offered an undercover detective $1,000 to kill his estranged girlfriend. He showed the undercover detective the girlfriend’s Facebook page and details about her. They met again on 3/19 to discuss the progress of the murder for hire. As “good faith” he provided the undercover detective 39 hydrocodone pills to sell. They discussed that the money made from selling the pills could be used to buy a gun to kill the estranged girlfriend.
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