Detectives Arrest Suspect For Sex with Minors

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

WHEN: 4/4/2013, 5:45 p.m.

WHERE: 6515 Wood Branch Drive, Tampa

SUSPECT: Demetrio Rivera, 12/22/1944, H/M, 3324 West Kathleen Street, Tampa

CHARGE: Unlawful Sex with a Minor x2, Lewd and Lascivious x 8, Traveling to Meet a Minor x 1

VICTIMS: Three 16 year old girls and one 15 year old girl

DETAILS: On multiple occasions, the suspect engaged in sexual acts with the victims. On Friday, March 24, 2013, a wastewater worker from the City of Tampa notified a supervisor that the suspect was engaged in activity he thought was illegal. City of Tampa Human Resources Department contacted the Tampa Police Department and an investigation was initiated. A Tampa Police Detective worked undercover as a new co-worker and established a relationship with the suspect. The suspect confided in the undercover detective about his activities. Detectives then conducted surveillance on the suspect over the next several days. On April 4, 2013, they observed the suspect pick up a 16-year old victim and bring her to the City of Tampa Woodlands Wastewater Pump Station located at 6515 Wood Branch Drive. He was not on duty at the time of the incident. The suspect was arrested at the scene with his pants unfastened. When detectives talked to the victim, they discovered there were three other victims. Detectives interviewed the additional victims and determined the suspect had sexual encounters with the additional victims. The suspect established friendships with the young girls who had no male role model and took advantage of the girls.

The suspect is a City of Tampa Advanced Wastewater Plant Technician III, a position involving preventative and corrective maintenance at wastewater pumping stations. He started his employment with the City of Tampa on January 1, 1987.