Detectives Investigating Home Invasion


WHEN: 6/25/2013, 11:58 PM

WHERE: 10108 North 10th Street, Tampa

SUSPECT: Evans, Nartavleon Devon DOB 12/19/86, B/M

DETAILS: Victim 1 answered a knock on his front door and when he opened the door, the suspect entered and forced the victim at gunpoint to a back bedroom where victim 2 was sleeping. The suspect pointed the gun at victim 2 and ordered him to the floor. At that time, victim 1 grabbed the suspect and a struggle ensued. Victim 2 was able to gain control of the gun along with a machete that he had in the room. During the struggle, several shots were fired. Victim 2 was also swinging the machete, which struck the suspect several times causing deep lacerations. During this time, victim 1 was accidentally struck with the machete above his left knee. The suspect fell to the floor where he was found by the responding units. TFR responded and transported victim 1 and the suspect to Bay Area hospitals. The suspect is in critical condition.
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