Detectives Searching for Jewelry Thieves

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Nearly $80,000 diamond and sapphire ring stolen
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WHEN: 9/30/2013 @ 5:04 PM

WHERE: 2223 West Shore Blvd North - International Mall

BUSINESS: Old Northeast Jewelers

SUSPECT 1: B/M approx. 5'6, 170#, 38-45 years old, with a bald fade haircut. Wearing white polo shirt w/ logo on left breast and dark piping across the shoulders. Wearing dark pants and white/gray sneakers carrying a gray jacket.

SUSPECT 2: B/M approx. 5'8, 170# with short hair, wearing white button-down long sleeve, dark blue tie, dark dress pants, with cross-trainer style shoes, dark in color.

SUSPECT 3: B/F approx. 6', 260# with long black curly hair, black/white patterned shirt, black tight pants, black/white sneakers & carrying large black purse

DETAILS: Suspect #2 and Suspect #3 entered the Old Northeast Jewelers as a couple. They asked to see a watch from a front display case containing diamond ring. The salesman removed the watch, but left the case unlocked.
While the couple distracted the salesman, Suspect #1 approached the display case and removed a 6.048 carat estate diamond, set in an 18k white gold band with a pear-shaped blue sapphire on both sides. The ring is valued at $79,900.
As soon as he removed the ring the suspect covered the ring with his jacket and exited the store. The couple left soon after.