Disabled War Veteran Victim of Burglary While in VA Hospital


Tampa Police Officers Surprise Man with New Xbox

When: November 16, 2012

Details: When the disabled Army veteran returned home yesterday after
a week in the VA Hospital, he discovered his home had been
burglarized. The suspect took all of his electronics including a
computer, Xbox, camera and iPad. When the responding officer, Connie
Tregoe and squad started investigating the crime, they learned that
the victim used the Xbox to play games and communicate with others
online, which helps get him through the days. The squad all pitched in
and purchased the victim a new Xbox, which they will surprise him with

He recently moved to the Bristol Place apartments to be closer to the
VA Hospital. He lost his leg in combat.

If anyone would like to help the victim, the squad would like to
collect more money to replace the victim's additional stolen items.
Please contact Tampa Police District II at 813-931-6500 if you would like to help.
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