Four Arrested After Pulling Gun on Students

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

*Update - After interviewing witnesses, detectives determined that the suspect displayed a gun at two bus stops. There were 13 Armwood High School students at the two bus stops.

1st bus stop: 43rd Street and Groves Street
2nd bus stop: 42nd Street and Palifox Street
WHEN: 6/6/12, 6:50 a.m.

SUSPECT 1: Akanfi Pratt, 5/6/94, B/M, 3315 Saint John Street, Tampa
CHARGES: Resist arrest without violence

SUSPECT 2: Mike Rivera, 6/28/92, B/M, 4943 Hillsborough Avenue, Lot 72, Tampa
CHARGES: Resist arrest without violence, violation of probation

SUSPECT 3: Devin Sampson, 6/18/94, B/M, 811 Ross Avenue, Tampa (Since he is a juvenile, he will be booked into the juvenile assessment center)
CHARGES: 13 counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, resist arrest without violence

SUSPECT 4: Chris Thomas, 3/24/93, B/M, 6810 North 48th Street, Tampa (Thomas is at a local hospital for a cut on his head. Once he is medically released, he will be booked into Orient Road Jail)
CHARGES: 13 counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, fleeing to elude and resist arrest without violence

DETAILS: At least three victims were at the bus stop waiting for their ride to Armwood High School. The suspects drove up in a black Ford F-250 and displayed a gun. The suspect took off and one of the victims called 911. The other victims got on the bus and went to school. One of the victims was able to provide a name of a potential suspect. Officers placed a BOLO for the truck and Officer Bryan Perry spotted a vehicle matching the description near First Union Baptist Church, 3707 East Chelsea Street. Before the officer activated his lights and siren, the suspects took off at a high rate of speed. The officer found the vehicle flipped at 38th Street and Louisiana Avenue. The four suspects were running from the vehicle. Officer Perry detained two of the suspects (Pratt and Rivera) and officers began searching for the other two suspects. The third suspect (Sampson) was caught a short time later. At 7:50 a.m. a citizen called 911 to report a suspicious person. That description matched the fourth suspect (Thomas). Officers took him into custody. Detectives are currently interviewing the victims at Armwood High School and determining the suspects’ charges. Detectives are trying to determine the motive and the possible relationship between the suspects and the victims.