FY 2015 Report Highlights Success of Equal Business Opportunity Initiatives

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

The Minority and Small Business Development Office’s FY 2015 Progress Report reveals that of the approximately $77 million in competitive contracts the City awarded, $29.9 million, or approximately 39%, went to Women and Minority or Small Local Business Programs.

The Progress Report measures all contracts and sub-contracts from October 1, 2014 to September 20, 2015.

“Our staff has worked diligently to increase equal business opportunities for minority, women and small businesses throughout the City of Tampa and I am excited to announce that we have exceeded those goals” said Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

“With the focus on increasing procurement of more inclusive contracts in the region, Tampa has seen women and minority owned businesses spike drastically. With that we’re able to benefit from the new and diverse businesses moving into the area, making Tampa a stronger community.

“We look forward to continue to increase businesses opportunities for minorities, women and local businesses in the future.”

Key indicators of Minority and Small Business inclusion were:

Women and Minority Business Program (WMBE)

Prime Contracts                       $10.4 million
Subcontracts                            $3.6 million
Sheltered Market Contracts  $2.6 million
TOTAL                                       $16.6 million

Small Local Business Program (SLBE)

Prime Contracts                       $9.5 million
Subcontracts                            $2.4 million
Sheltered Market Contracts  $1.4 million
TOTAL                                       $13.3 million

Subcontract Goal Participation

 Women and Minority Businesses (WMBE) and Small Local Businesses (SLBE)

 Goal attainment was 120% of the contract goals set on City projects, compared to

  • 107% goal attainment in FY2014
  • 93% goal attainment in FY2013
  • 66% of goal attainment in FY2012

 The City awarded of $3.4 million in subcontracts to Women and Minority Businesses and Small Local Businesses,

    • 10.28% of ALL City competitively-solicited subcontracts. 

Note: WMBE/SLBE vendor participation depends on the type of goods or services the City purchases and the certified firms that have the capacity to provide the goods or services (i.e. not all businesses can perform all goods/services).

 WMBE/SLBE Subcontract Goal Attainment Chart 2015

Prime Contract Participation
Women and Minority Businesses (WMBE)
The City awarded over $10.4 million in prime contracts to Women and Minority Businesses,

    • a 32.5% increase compared to FY 2014. A 4-year history of WMBE awards and TOTAL City awards follows:
      FY 2012FY 2013FY 2014FY 2015
      WMBE Amount$10.0 million$7.4 million$7.9 million$10.4 million
      Total Amount$129.4 million$70.6 million$76.8 million$77.1 million
    • 13.57% of ALL City competitively-bid prime contracts
WMBE Prime Contracts History Chart 2015

Sheltered Market Contract Participation
Women and Minority Businesses (WMBE) and Small Local Businesses (SLBE)
The City reserved over $4.0 million in contracts for competitive bidding to WMBE /SLBE companies,

    • over a 60.23% increase compared to FY 2014.
      Sheltered Market Contract Dollars 2015


In March 2012, Mayor Buckhorn introduced several new, major equal business opportunity initiatives tailored to increase access and economic opportunity for WMBEs and SLBEs. Three results-oriented objectives were instituted to ensure that WMBEs and SLBEs remain viable and successful through equal access and opportunity to do business with the City.

  • Increase Sheltered Market Threshold to $300,000 and expand the field of eligible companies to include underutilized WMBEs (Dual Certified) and SLBEs.
  • Set goals for underutilized WMBEs and SLBEs bidding for pre-determined subcontracting opportunities. By determining if the selected task or trade can be performed by either a WMBE or a SLBE, the City can set a goal of inclusion, and require good faith effort compliance to achieve participation.
  • Increase the Rating Points for evaluating formal Request-For-Proposals (RFPs) that include “meaningful” WMBE and SLBE participation in performing core services. This will allow the evaluation of proposals to place additional weighted value…up to 10 points on a scale of 100 in selection of the vendor.

For additional information, please contact:
Ashley Bauman, Public Affairs Director
(813) 274-8262