Gasparilla Scuba Bead Cleanups

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

Gasparilla Scuba Bead Cleanups


Next Level Dive Club/Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Supported


Its that time again! BUT we're doing it alot earlier this year!! We want to get those beads out of the water before they are swept out into the bay!!

Come join Next Level Dive Club as we clean up our waterways! 

The following groups have joined forces to sponsor the Gasparilla Clean Up Dive 2019
-- Next Level Dive Club 
-- The Center for Open Exploration
-- Dive N2 Life
-- Tampa Bay Estuary program
-- Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful
-- And many more sponsors below 

We are looking for
-- Boat captians
-- Divers of all levels
-- kayakers 
-- paddle boarders 
-- snorkelers 
-- land volunteers 
-- food and drink sponsors 
-- grill masters (where ya at dads???)

Tentative schedule (based on tides and weather)
Captains 7am
Volunteers/divers 730am
MEETING 8-830am
-- LOADING BOATS 830-9am
-- CLEAN-UP 9am 1130am 1 tank, 4'-20' deep. approx 1.5-2 hours of cleaning and diving. 
-- ceremony/awards/cookout 12-5pm

Winning opportunities are as follows.

- Most collected, 6 person team wins 6-2tank dives & 6 NLDC shirts, stickers
- Biggest find, 2 person team wins 2-2tank dives & 2 NLDC shirts, stickers 
- Coolest find, 1 person 1-2 tank dive & 1 NLDC shirt, sticker
- Most hazardous find, 1 person, 1-2 tank dive & 1 NLDC shirt, sticker
- Coolest dressed up team of 6 wins 6 NLDC shirts, stickers 
- Coolest team of 2 dressed up wins 2 NLDC shirts, stickers 
- Coolest dressed up single person wins 1NLDC shirt, stickers 
- Youngest diver wins 1 NLDC shirt, sticker
- Oldest Diver wins 1 NLDC shirt, sticker.
- Diver who drove the farthest wins 1 NLDC shirt, sticker.

Raffle opportunities are as follows

- Big blue flashlight 
- Bimini hammerhead trip
- Emerald charters shark dive
- DiveTime adventures gift bag
- 2shea charter trip
- Salty divers shark dive
- Handmade Jewelry 
- DiveHeart tshirts
- Generation Sea tumblers
- Sharkcon tickets 
#micanealphotography Pictures
- NLDC 10 sharks teeth
- Reefsafe gift bag
- Tampa Pride Band gift bag
- Unique Scuba tshirts
- Hidden world's diving, shirts n stuff
- Aquahunters 2 2tank trips 
- Dive source, swag n stuff

The raffle is free to get in and you receive 1 ticket. I have been asked by several people about purchasing additional tickets. Yes, I will allow that. 1 free ticket and $1.00 for each additional ticket

Share this with your favorite dive buddy and dive site! 
I'll be handing out NLDC shirts to the best dressed 6 person team, 2 person team and single diver!!

This year I'd also like to bring people together more during the BBQ. i may have bounce house, corn hole, face painting and other stuff to do. let spend a little more time getting to know out fellow divers and get MORE KIDS INVOLVED!!!

We look forward to seeing yall join us and keep an eye on this event for updates and changes!!

---- Sponsors ----
- Salty divers 1 2 tank trip
- Andrew Barton, Barton industrial services (scaffolding stairs)
- Anonymous medical company (600 bags)

---- Volunteers ----

---- Captains ----

***Boat Captian info***
-Divers loaded at Davis island boat ramp
- Travel to assigned zone
- Drop anchor in avg 10/15' of water
- Drop divers, Clean zone 
- Pick up Divers 
- Head to Marjorie park
- Attend ceremony and cook out
- return to David island boat ramp 
- approx 3 Mile round trip