The Internal Audit Department released its Accounts Payable, Audit 15-05

This notice is archived content and this information may no longer be accurate.

Accounts payable processing is a function of the Revenue and Finance Department and is made up of ten individuals.  The Purchasing Department must approve and establish all vendors in Oracle prior to payment.  During FY2014, 60,370 payments were processed totaling $319,888,227.

City purchases are approved through the Oracle Procurement module.  This process requires the departments to create and approve requisitions for their individual purchases.  The Purchasing Department must approve all requisitions before a purchase order is generated. Departments are responsible for making sure that requisitions are created and approved before goods or services are purchased, and invoices are processed. 

After the City receives the goods or services purchased, the invoice is signed by authorized City staff to document the receipt of the goods or services, and to approve the invoice for payment.  The invoice is then sent to accounts payable for processing.  Checks are processed and mailed to vendors weekly.  Originals of all invoices are maintained in the Revenue and Finance Department for six months and then sent to storage.

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